portrait of two friends in larkhall bath

It's all about having fun!

Gone are the days of stuffy formal portraits. If you're having fun, you'll be more relaxed, and if you're more relaxed it will show through in your portrait.

Whether you're looking for a family portrait to bring back memories in the future, or a contemporary portrait to celebrate your life and look as it is now, we can capture you at your best.

Portraiture sessions

We can hold your portraiture session wherever you choose - in a studio, or in your own favourite location.

Younger children and babies are usually most relaxed in an environment they are familiar with - often their own home. We can arrange your session at a time that is most convenient to your child, and take breaks as and when necessary.

Older children may react better to being on location, for example at a local park. Or perhaps they'd prefer being taken out of their usual surroundings, and having some fun in the studio. It's your choice!

Be sure to visit our adults or children galleries, then look at our pricing and contact us to arrange your session.

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